Lynne Cleaver Research Services

How it all works

 First steps:

If you have decided to go ahead and get professional help you will firstly need to contact me to see how I can help - this initial consultation is free.

Once we have come to an agreement regarding what research needs doing a brief contract is returned to me with an initial deposit of £50. I will email a copy of this with my reply and any copyright forms that may be necessary - see following paragraph. All data is kept confidential - I am registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) under the Data Protection Act.


There may be a copyright form as issued by local county Archives. Copyright law is complicated and different authorities have put slightly different operating methods in place which can be discussed if relevant.


Payment should be made by direct bank transfer (details on request).  If you would like to pay by PayPal there may be a final  fee added that equates to approximately 5% although a change in law has done away with this charge so I am currently waiting to see what happens.  Please request a Paypal Invoice if you this is your easiest method of payment.  Preferred method of payment should be declared at the beginning of the process on the contract form but isn’t binding.  I do not take credit cards but should you wish to pay by credit card  this can  be done through PayPal .  Please ensure that you have the means to pay before committing to having work done and that  you understand the amount in £ sterling/international currency.

Final Report:

Your final report can be in many forms from a printed list of parish register entries to a full presentation folder. For long reports which are illustrated with the certificates and copies of documents consulted along the journey I use a desk top publishing program. Trees are also drawn on this ‘by hand’ rather than in a specialist family tree program. This gives more freedom about what information to include and is the main tool with which I work when creating a family history for a client. Samples of the type of reports can be seen here.  Note that text has been hazed out to provide confidentiality.