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10 November 2012

Did you manage to pick up any bargains from the Book Depository on Thursday? I must confess to having been at Gloucestershire Archives most of the day and so I forgot apart from a couple of looks in the evening. Didn’t get anything though.

With ‘Remembrance Day’ tomorrow I have created a page just about the War Memorial which includes a surprise fact that I didn’t know about until reading the news report of the dedication. I wonder how many of you knew....

6 November 2012

With only a matter of weeks until Christmas posting dates [and get your stuff posted early, it’s so expensive these days do try to avoid first class if you can, I always forget, let’s hope that this year I do better] so here are some special offers for you to take advantage of.

1 - my very own book, my first now out of print and the remaining stock is with me. This means I can offer it at what ever price I like [as long as I get my money back, after all they weren’t given to me, even if I did do all the hard work]. So here’s the deal. You can get it from me, postage included for the princely sum of 10. Not the biggest offer in the world but what you will get is the ‘errata’ listing as I did discover after publication that there were errors. Whilst I feel bad about this, and can make amends by offering this errata list, the problem with local history in it’s verbal form is just that - it is verbal and open to error. So if I am given a photograph and appropriate information I take it as given with factual checks where possible. It is sometimes that only when people see the published form that they then tell you the correct facts. Ce la vie I am afraid. To purchase at the lower price go to Tetbury through Time

2 - a new deal every hour of 8th November from The Book Depository, a local based company that is getting as big as Amazon in what it supplies, and it’s prices. For information on this offer visit this link.


6 October 2012

I know, shock, horror, a posting within a day of the last....I have updated my blog and have added some new book material for your perusal on the Store page which is not in the menu link on the left...needs rectifying methinks. Anyway, these books have either just been pubished in the last few weeks or are due to be published in the next few. One that I highly recommend if you have ancestors who worked in the local weaving trades is Wool and Water by Jennifer Tann. I had a glance at the copy in Gloucestershire Archives and was very impressed.

5 October 2012

Well, apologies for another very long gap in posting on here. There have been no major updates I am afraid but there have been some wonderful Tetbury related documents passing through my hands. The desire to log the details down, make notes, copy, etc had to be seriously curtailed as I was on a very tight time deadline in a research project. My intention is to go back to the collection at Gloucestershire Archives at some time over the winter and have a selfish dig through the contents [20+ boxes of uncatalogued solicitors documents] whilst listing them for archives.

It’s never too early to think of Christmas [well, it is really but you can’t blame me for trying!] so if you didn’t buy a copy of Tetbury through Time whilst you saw it, it is now out of print - there was a print run of 1000. The publisher has no more supplies, and no, all those 1000 were not sold, but those that remained are now lodged in my spare room [or will be when we get ourselves sorted out, currently in boxes on the landing]. So, if you want a copy, order one from me, not from Amazon or ebay. I should imagine that the bookshop in Tetbury still has a copy or two as well.

What about a family history research package as a gift? I don’t advertise packages as a rule but to produce a tree back for the relative who has everything can be a good talking point over Christmas dinner! Have a look at my research pages

You can order any of my books from the Store page - Tetbury through Time, Cheltenham through Time and Tetbury District through Time.

Saturday 19 May 2012

Sat having my lunch I suddenly thought about this website and that I hadn’t done any updates for a very long time, so apologies. Work is the excuse, research work for clients which has taken many hours. Time spent at Archives and then at home using the internet resources available online and then writing up reports. I have been on a course with David Smith on Manorial Documents at Gloucestershire Archives which was very practical and very informative. Some of the old government of Tetbury and other towns across the country begins to make sense at last. When I get some time I hope to be able to look at some of the documents relating to the Manor of Tetbury [Elizabeth Janson already does this to some extent on her excellent website]. The best news really is my acceptance as an associate member of AGRA, the society that sets the standards for research professionals - not just anyone can get in! Next step, full membership.

Wednesday 4 April 2012

New LCRS webpages active, may undergo tweaking but can be accessed from link above.

Friday 23 March 2012

I have just taken the plunge and bought a new domain name.....what’s happening you cry...don’t panic. Tetbury Families is staying. This is a separate domain name to take away my business side from my hobby side. So, soon, where it says research services [as above] you will be directed to a different site instead of pages within this one. As all my stationary etc is linked graphically there will not be a great deal of difference to be honest but I hope to make the research pages simpler, more straight forward and more importantly I need to keep the two sides of my research apart.

I finally got the assignments on Nonconformism sent off yesterday, so I have a good knowledge of Tetbury Quakers and Congregationalists now!! I do aim to get some of the data gathered on here sometime. I also need to go and find out why the friends burial ground plans are not showing up properly. My next lot of assignments take me away from specifically Tetbury research, onto the topic of surnames which will be followed by migration - why our ancestors moved when they did, economic reasons, persecutions etc etc so that should be interesting.

On a final note, just in case you didn’t see it, there was finally a very good review in the Gloucestershire Echo/The Citizen weekend supplement on Tetbury & District through Time. Cotswold Essence [March/April edition, page 74] had a small review too and that one is available online, although the newspaper one isn’t sadly. You know where to go if you want to buy a signed copy. Tetbury through Time is now no longer in print and I have all remaining copies so once online and other retailers sell out it’s up to me! [actually saw a copy for sale on ebay that was just over 21 and from reviews of the retailer it would appear that they advertise stock for sale that they don’t have and hike the price up!]

Sunday 4 March 2012

I offer no apologies for the gap of a month between updates! Last week my daughter got married and as any of you who are parents of adult children and have gone through this, will know that even if you are arranging very little, it does still take up a large amount of time. With less than a week to go I was putting together order of service sheets! Mind you, some of our friends have been doing this the night before or even on the morning of the wedding day so we should be grateful that we had days to spare. Life is now returning to some sort of normality and so I have just added some updates to the Christchurch pages as I have been going through all the members books at Gloucestershire Archives in connection with the IHGS course that I am doing. There is some really interesting information held in these, some of which helps towards family history and much of which relates to the town history. As with many nonconformist records there are the inevitable large gaps probably due to the incumbent taking notes in their own notebooks which then went off to the new church when the minister moved rather than staying put. For this reason alone it can be worth knowing the names of the various ministers and tracking their movements if you think this may have happened and an ancestor may have been recorded in the personal records or diaries. You will find a more up to date list of the ministers on this page but there is a discrepancy from earlier research that I have done and what has come out of these members books with the reference to the Rev Collins, hence a ‘?’ after his dates.

Also after months of silence regarding book reviews of Tetbury and District through Time there was an excellent article in the Weekend section of The Citizen/Gloucestershire Echo of 25 February 2012 and also a small review in the March - May edition of Cotswold Essence which is available online [pages 74/75].

I finally succumbed to joining Twitter - purely for the sake of networking with fellow genealogists and researchers and you can follow me @LynneCleaver

Thursday 2 February 2012

I have just uploaded some of the promised Quaker details onto the relevant page. Quakers were very good record keepers and although the Tetbury Accounts were on scraps of paper and in a scruffy notebook, tied up in a bundle [then of course stored correctly by Gloucestershire Archives in the usual acid free materials] they offer up some great details that may not be available elsewhere. Unless you have family documents how else do you prove that your ancestor was a pargeter, painter or a builder? The two site plans are on the page too but trying to work out where the little lane by the side of the burial ground was on there [after all the Bath Bridge was built by then] is tricky. If you have any ideas do get in touch.

If you happen to be looking for a page that seems to have disappeared do get in touch as I have all the information in text documents, it’s just that they are not online any more. Don’t be afraid to ask!!

Friday 20 January 2012

I have spent several days over the last couple of weeks or so going through non-conformist records belonging to Tetbury churches. Last week was the Quakers or Society of Friends books and documents relating to the Nailsworth Monthly Meeting, and this week it was the Congregational Church or Independent church on The Chipping. Much of the information is repeated in every entry so lots of reading through to pick out potentially interesting pieces. Such as the sad death of Thomas Holborow in prison back in the C17th - he was arrested for ‘he knows not what’ an ancient man of 69. He died a few weeks later. His crime - a Quaker! Nathaniel Cripps is the Tetbury name of the period who was imprisoned a couple of times for not joining the militia or paying his tithes. How lucky we are to enjoy freedom of expression in all walks of life.

Tuesday 3 January 2012

Happy New Year everyone. I hope that you all have had a thoroughly enjoyable Christmas and New Year and that you don’t feel too depressed now work and routine has begun again. Soon be Spring.....!

updated information on Baptist Church and I am currently working on the Overbury family who of course had a great deal of influence on the Baptist Congregation in Tetbury. 

Monday 12 December 2011

Currently undertaking some fascinating research which means that Tetbury hasn’t had much of a look in recently. I did pay a visit to the town last week and there are some lovely festive windows. I also caught a Christmas Craft Market in the Market House. I felt for the folk who had the outside pitches as although they were under cover they were not sheltered from the very cold winds that were blowing.

If you are stuck for those last minute Christmas gifts how about ordering a signed copy of one of my books - I send them out first class and have the postage already here which means no trip to the postoffice [which is sadly undersized and struggling to cope with the vast population of where I live - not Tetbury I hasten to add!]. If you asked me nicely I could always gift wrap it and send it direct to the recipient [providing it is in the UK]. Or, how about a gift of some research into a family history? That would be a totally unique gift!

And finally, if you get really really bored over the festive season and want to make your opinion known on a vast number of subjects consider joining YouGov - occasional surveys, get reward points which you can then convert into a nice cheque when enough points are accrued. I had a cheque for 50!

Saturday 3 December 2011

The sad story of Olive Mitchell - the British Library Newspaper Archive is online and I came across this sad story in The Citizen June 1900. Life can be sad at times, we have all been there, but I wonder if with the knowledge we have now about mental health whether Olive would have taken the drastic steps she did or would there have been more help? We will never know I am afraid.

Saturday 19 November 2011

New page started on the Woolstapling industry in Tetbury.

Thursday 17 November 2011

The page for The Retreat has been corrected and updated adding information from the Land Valuation Survey which includes a description of the accomodation offered by the property.

Sunday 6 November 2011

More updates from the 1910 Land Valuation Survey - Courtfield, and Highfield, Broadfield, Colly farms.

Saturday 5 November 2011

A couple of updated items from the Land Valuation Survey - Hillsome and Cirencester Road

Thursday 3 November 2011

I have started adding more information taken from the 1910 Land Valuation Survey, starting on Cirencester Road with Worwell Farm. This could be a lengthy project as each of the IR58 books has 4 pages per property, and 100 properties per volume. When I was at the National Archives in September I managed to copy 3 of these books, there are at least 10 of them for Tetbury. They do make a fascinating read as they can be very descriptive of the repair of the buildings and land.

I have also set up a Facebook Page for my research business, have a look and ‘like’ if you are on FB.

Thursday 27 October 2011

All pages changed and hopefully correct - if you find any errors please email me [email address at bottom of page]. Next I hope to start adding some more information and changing the pictures for more up to date views.

Sunday 23 October 2011

There will be some changes to the website over the next few days. Be patient with me whilst I carry these out - no pages are being deleted but they are being moved around. I hope that by the end of it the site will be easier to navigate. Note the new section names to the left. 

Wednesday 19 October 2011

I think I have just bought the bargain of the year today - all 4 volumes of Bigland’s Gloucestershire Collection from BGAS for 20 - usual price 30 per volume! You can see why I feel a little bit chuffed with myself. And, they are new, not second hand. They are selling off all sorts of the Record Series so get in touch with them if you are interested to see what else is available.

Research wise I have just blown someone’s previous research out the window [again] but now left back at the beginning wondering where to go with the name SMITH! That’s one for another day I think.

Website redesign thoughts keep going through my head so the site may change over the next few weeks. Apologies if it disappears again like it did earlier this week when I inadvertantly uploaded pages to the wrong place and got rid of the whole site in one go. Last thing at night. Moral of this is don’t do website changes late at night. I managed to get it all back online the next day with no damage being done thankfully.

Sunday 2 October 2011

The book signing on Friday went well and I had some lovely chats with new people and old people - in the sense of having met before not age!

If you want a signed copy these are available directly from me - I sign automatically if ordered, you would have to say NOT to sign if you didn’t want it. The only signed copies so far are those bought on Friday, so you know where to come if you do want one. 

Ramble over....what next...there may be another Cheltenham book but not for a while. I need to get back on course with my course, in fact I have been looking at articles and books on merchants guilds so have to write up about this next. Also, some more customer research. And hopefully get these web pages up to date and some more pages added. You know what they say....watch this space!

Monday 26 September



at Tetbury Library on Friday 30 September

10am - 12 noon

This will not be available in the shops until the following week so make the most of being able to buy direct from the author!

Saturday 10 September 2011

Well, at long last the book is at the printers and I can relax! I finally got there. It should be out in the next couple of weeks. Amazon have the title wrong so don’t go looking for it on there, you can order in advance from me, still post free, signed [unless you are overseas and I now need to charge postage.

I have started doing my research business in earnest now and have managed to get three research projects done this week. I love doing research and when you get positive feedback from a client it is so very rewarding. Finding that elusive bit of information that they haven’t been able to find for various reasons, mainly because there is a limit to how much information there is on the internet websites. In a couple of weeks time I am off to the National Archives with GFHS [finally joined!] where I hope that I can complete a couple more. I also want to see the survey books for the Land Valuation that took place in the 1920s.

22 August 2011

Tetbury & District through Time is now in the proof reading stage, the publishers waiting for me to go through it with that fine toothcomb...have we been here before recently? Life has been difficult to say the least and I am still thankful that my research clients are patient with me, whilst they wait for their work to be done. Two days before I started my redundancy at the end of July my father died unexpectedly. He had been frail for some time but you never expect your Dad to die really, do you. He wasn’t ill, he just died in his sleep so the best way to go. The funeral is tomorrow.

After the funeral and the proof reading I shall be devoting my working life to research. Full details of what I offer can be found on this page.

Who knows, I may even do another book! [slightly manic laughter at this point].

15 July 2011

Just completed my last but one 9 to 7 Friday at work. Two weeks to go and then.....

This week I have concentrated on writing, writing and more writing, with a very positive result that the Tetbury District through Time is written. I now need to go through it again with a VERY FINE TOOTHCOMB to edit out those mistakes as I am sure that there will be some, I just hope not as many as in the first. I also need to do some new photographs but it is all looking and feeling good. Hopefully the deadline will be met....

3 July 2011

It’s been a while but I did warn you that the time between submitting material to the publisher and actually getting the book to the printers was manic. And, boy, was it manic. I had to rescan 35 of the old images, so on my week of leave from the library, I spent about 12 hours actually in the library as a customer scanning in old images. The worst bit was not being able to find some of the images and it took 2 or 3 looks through a years worth of periodical. The book Cheltenham through Time is now at the printers and will be out by the end of the month.

Now of course I am busy trying to meet the deadline for Tetbury District through Time. So, it’s back to the camera, and the keyboard, and the reference material to make sure that I get the facts right. No comments required regarding errors in the first volume please....

17 May 2011

Well, the material for Cheltenham through Time was submitted to the publishers today and if I remember correctly from the last few weeks before Tetbury through Time came out, it was a totally manic time of submitting more photographs, editing, corrections etc etc. Here is a sneak preview of the cover. The price is 14.99 and you will be able to buy copies direct from myself, signed by both my co-author Roger Beacham and myself. Or if you want, unsigned. We won’t be upset. Honest...sniff...

Having nearly got this one under my belt [and having sent off a few apologetic emails to research clients that are having to wait a while whilst all this is going on] I need to start in earnest on the next volume of Tetbury and area through Time.

1 May 2011

How time is flying. I had a very pleasant visit to Tetbury last week. I am sure that Gumstool Hill is getting steeper....or am I getting older! With only 3 months until I finish in my job, I find myself wishing it was sooner because I have so much to do that none of it is getting done! Perhaps it’s all these bank holidays we keep having. I find myself in holiday mood and then stay in holiday mood.

I was delighted to see that my publisher has taken note of the failure of myself and co-author Roger to meet our deadline of Easter, and that Amazon have now got a publication date of 1 June. Fingers crossed. All this delay means that my focus hasn’t been on Tetbury and around Through Time. This one I cannot be late on as I will have had 18 months in which to write, photograph and prepare. GULP.

7 April 2011

Well, today I finally got the news I have been waiting for since January - I am to be made redundant from the end of July. This actually pleases me as I now plan to launch a fulltime career of research. Watch out for updates to the resources pages - very slow to be done I know, but the stress of the last few weeks hasn’t helped the brain cells.

Cheltenham through time is, according to the publisher due to be published 1 May but co-author Roger Beacham and I know different. It may be a few weeks late.

Tetbury and area through time is due out September [no date as such yet] but some of the villages are sadly lacking any really valuable personal photographs of day to day life that can make these books so very enjoyable...unless you know different and have a little treasure of a snap stowed away somewhere in an old family album......

15 February 2011

More information found out about the Ladies Collegiate School that was housed in Gloucester House, The Chipping, including an advert from 1900.

13 February 2011

Update to research page showing the resources that I use to compile your family history. Not just the usual GRO, census and PRs!

20 January 2011

Changes to my research page - now seriously getting professional on this due to impending redundancy from my job in the library service. Ah, good old county councils, where would we be without them! Job uncertainty, misery, tough conditions, unthankful tax payers...etc etc. Yes, I know most of you have been in the same situations over the years - I now know for myself how tough it is.

23 December 2010

just updated the Street family

17 December 2010

working my way through the Thomas family now...

13 December 2010

Nathaniel and Thomas Sparrow pages uploaded and functional.

11 December 2010

Currently working my way through the Sparrow family again, and starting to upload the pages over the next few days.

December 2010

I have been continuing with the private research but some of it is now actually related to Tetbury. If you want to know anything about the Cheltenham Female Refuge, I have done loads on that for someone, houses in Stroud, still Dr McCabe, and now on some Tetbury events. Watch this space....

November 2010

Yes, still nothing updated on here, but still not inactive! I have been doing loads of research, just not Tetbury. My main focus has been a Cheltenham Doctor, Dr James McCabe who was a contemporary of Dr Jenner and sat on committees with him. 

I have nearly finished entering the 1911 census data onto my familytree program...nearly.....only a section of Charlton Road and Back Lane to go!

September 2010

I know there have been no updates since...um, July. I can’t believe the summer is over already. Time has flown but that is because I haven’t been idle. I have been travelling the highways and mainly byways of the Tetbury district taking photographs for the Tetbury district Through Time book. Wow, there are some wonderfully tranquil places so close to the town. Absolutely beautiful and it has been a priviledge going around doing pictures.

Just in case I wasn’t already busy enough I am also doing a book on Cheltenham which will be out before the next Tetbury one so I may still be quiet on here. I am answering lots of family related enquiries tho’ so working hard to pull together all those Tetbury Families out there.

Saturday 17th July 2010

I have been supplied with some wonderful images of bottles and jars from Walkers chemists, a couple are uploaded onto the Walkers page. Changes to research packages available and pricing

Thursday 24th June 2010

Information about chemists Milnes & Thompson added.

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Two more doctors added - Sedgwick and Thompson. Dr Thompson was particularly interesting as I found his will on Documents Online and he left many bequests to the poor people of Tetbury, but also to the Walker family who set up Walkers chemists in the town.

Sunday 30th May 2010

Two more doctors added - Gale and Mellish.

Thursday 20th May 2010

Two more recent garages added - Hampton & Northfield

Tomorrow is the Silver Surfer day at Tetbury Library, I hope to see some of you there!

Monday 17 May 2010

Newly created Facebook page here

Sunday 16 May 2010

Stump family added. It is my thought that many of these family groups are connected through a common ancestor in the Charlton, Malmesbury district. However, this is not yet proven so just a thought and will be worked on in the fullness of time I expect.

Friday 14 May 2010

I have just spent a few evenings going through the pages to check all is working well and that I have links where they should be! All seems well, and I have added a few page links that I had missed off.

Next Friday 21st sees a ‘silver surfer’ day at Tetbury Library, and along with HOTS and others, I shall be in attendance.

Saturday 1 May 2010

New page of staff employed by the Tetbury Union. I will be attending Tetbury Library for a forthcoming local history day on May 21st. More information available when I have it.

Wednesday 14 April 2010

I dragged a friend along to one of the Heritage Westonbirt open days and had a very informative guided tour around the house. They are planning more but I don’t know when they will be. How priviledged the school girls are who attend the private school in the buildings. Photos added to the Westonbirt pages.

Good Friday 2nd April 2010

Fishmongers page added

Wednesday 24 March 2010

Police pages updated

Monday 8 March 2010

I have been busy entering detail from the 1911 census onto the Tetbury Families database which now stands at just under 25,000 individuals in the period 1780-1911 approximately. Two interesting family groups were of two travelling showmen’s caravans parked in a field off the Charlton Road!

Tuesday 16 February 2010

A day spent at Gloucestershire Archives, hands on with Parish Records, but for a specific reason, not to do with the website. I shall return, and feel an indexing project coming on.....overseers bills and receipts from traders, and workmen in the parish. A wonderful selection of Tetbury material preserved for ever.

Baptist chapel page updated.

Monday 8 February 2010

Hayes pages uploaded - I have just been researching Henry Hayes & Martha [nee Cull], a sad case as their children ended up in the Muller Orphanages in Bristol. Martha died young, Henry remarried Ellen Shipton [her mother was a Hayes], Henry died fairly soon after and Martha’s children appear in Bristol, and Ellen’s in Tetbury workhouse by 1901.

Still looking for new photographic material for the second through time book, especially the local villages such as Long Newnton, Shipton Moyne etc etc. If you have anything please contact me using the email below. I have found some rare shop photographs with internal shots so I am very excited about being able to share those with my readers.

Saturday 6 February 2010

Life has taken a few hits recently with the son having surgery on a broken arm and my mother being diagnosed with cancer. I hope to be able to carry on updating the site and doing private research but be patient with me if things go a bit quiet from time to time.

10th January 2010

Booksigning yesterday in Bishops Cleeve bookshop and one customer, who runs the nextdoor cafe, used to visit his family in the town as a child. Turns out when I did a bit of digging around that he is related to the Cleavers! 

More family pages restored - check the family index page for the latest updates.

6th January 2010

a link to a video of the last days of the Tetbury railway have been sent in by Paul Best. Orum family started.

I was planning to go to the Archives today but snow stopped play. It has finally hit Gloucestershire and I was feeling a bit left out of it all! Now I’m not too sure - perhaps we would have been better off being left out. But it does look very nice out there.

2nd January 2010

more family pages added - Cleaver is finished, Philpot, Morse, Cave, Haslock.

Wednesday 30th December 2009

and now a Happy New Year to you all. I see the year out nursing a cold but hope that all my site visitors are feeling a bit healthier!

I shall be doing another through time book - this second one will encompass the surrounding areas of Tetbury such as Didmarton, Westonbirt, Doughton, Long Newnton etc. If there are any long lost photographs out there that you are willing to share.....

I forgot to mention a week or so ago - the Cleaver family pages are being reloaded.

Tuesday 22nd December 2009

Happy Christmas to all those who use this site, and especially to those who have supported me during the production of my book during the last year.

Friday 18th December 2009

with only one week to go until Christmas my thoughts haven’t been on the website that much but I very pleased to see new entries on the Guest Book pages. List your family interests and you may find a family contact out there....

Tuesday 8th December 2009

The day after my radio ‘appearance’, completely coincidentally, I had a phone call from Amberley asking if I will do another book in the ‘through time’ series. As I enjoyed doing the first one so much I said yes without hesitation. This second is to cover some of Tetbury and the surrounding area, so villages like Beverstone, Westonbirt, Shipton, Doughton, Didmarton etc etc. So, you know what’s coming now....are there any photographs lurking out there, those rare family gems that make these books so special. If you have and are willing to share them, then I would love to be able to use them.

Tuesday 1 December 2009

I went into Radio Gloucestershire this morning to record an interview with Dave Smith of the afternoon show. It should be on tomorrow afternoon.

Sunday 29th November 2009

Christmas shopping! started yet? No, I haven’t either but must get on with it. I usually take the lazy route these days and use the internet. With this in mind I have included some links on the Store page, perhaps a subscription to a research website or magazine is a good solution for a family member just getting into their research. 

There was more information on Tetbury from the Avon lady - her ex inlaws were the hairdressers featured on Long Street, and it is indeed true that Queen Mary patronized the establishment during the war. With the amount of snippets coming in from all quarters to add to the detail already included I shall have to do another book!

Saturday 28th November 2009 - Upton Grove farm added.

I sold a copy of my book today to my Avon lady. When she got home she rang me to say that the couple pictured at Northleaze for the coronation tea party were her parents!

Thursday 19th November 2009:

Scouts, Amateur dramatic society, Farms updated and more added.

Monday 16th November

updating of the buildings pages - churches finished and Farms started this evening! 1911 data included where it has been found.

Thursday 12th November

Alley family updated and uploaded

I found a small snippet of film - to view click here [Pathe Film archive]

Wednesday 11th November

Baptist updated, Christchurch updated, St Marys updated. New page ‘Who was who’ added

Monday 9th November 2009

Leisure [societies] updated; Baptist church MI stones added; Bowman family updated and added

Sunday 8th November 2009

The moral of this week has got to be - don’t upgrade software until you have finished a particular task! Somehow [and only one of those little gremlins that lurks in all our pcs knows how] the website lost all it’s banners, fortunately not the bit that the public see, just the version I am working on on my home pc. So, I have spent the last few days fretting and worrying about that. Now all restored so I will get those family pages restored during the week, starting with Bowman. These pages will include data from the 1911 census.Sunday 1st November 2009

It’s been an exciting week with the publication of my book at long last. Once I had finished it seemed to come off the press very quickly. 

I have now got time to continue updating the website and all the existing business, building and street pages have been uploaded in their new format.  I shall get the family ones done later so hope that by the end of the week they are all restored. Then I will start on some new research. Any requests? 

Monday 26th October 2009

Still waiting.....

don’t be alarmed when the purchase link on the Store page shows that all the books are sold out - not yet in stock but paypal only comes up with the aforementioned phrase!

I am continuing to restore all the pages removed - all the previously listed leisure, streets and buildings are back, now I am working my way through the trades section and will finish with the families.

Tomorrow I attend Amberley Publishing for a book launch for another of the through time series plus a celebration of their first year of trading. I have never been to such an event before and am looking forward to it!

Tuesday 20th October 22:14

I’m still waiting - shouldn’t be too long now......

In the new ‘Store’ page the link to purchase a copy of the book tells you it is out of stock - well, it is as it has never been in stock, but it shouldn’t be saying this. Keep checking back and as soon as I have my copies I will amend the quantity available. 

Regarding the website, sadly neglected over the last few months I am afraid. I am gradually restoring the pages in the new format and I hope that all the links, images etc that were not working correctly are or will be doing so. Apologies to all who have been put out by it.

Sunday 11th October 17:17
The book is now at the printers and should be available from the end of this month! I will endeavour to set up paypal so that you can buy direct from me rather than other places, that way you get it signed! Personal service from the author, what more could you ask?
Moving on to more research for the website - I have a sub to the 1911 census so am transcribing the details onto the ever growing Tetbury Families database. It is fascinating seeing the actual entries made by our ancestors. The length of marriage and number of children born and still living within a marriage give additional information and have helped to establish some marriage data, and fill some family groups. So far I am only about 25 families into the project and it may take some time.

Sunday 4th October 2009 19:29
I have just finished proof reading the draught copy of my book and need to dash off to Tetbury in the next couple of days to photograph a shop unit where the submitted photograph is not of sufficient quality to be published. I may also need to visit the Archives again to get professional scans of some of the old images. I am hoping that this is not the case as time is now very short with a publication date set for 31st October. It's all looking very good though, I must say I am pleased with it all. Perhaps when I am finally in print I can get back to my studying! And perhaps the website as I am aware there have been so few updates over the last few months.



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