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Tetbury Families

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The dispensary was founded in 1818, in 1850 a hospital was listed in a directory on Chipping Lane, the Cottage Hospital in 1868 and the Cotwold Hospital after the workhouse was abolished in the early C20th. Information on the doctors who have practised in Tetbury can be found on the Doctors page.

Chipping Lane Hospital

Mary Cooper was listed as Matron in 1852 [Slater’s Gloucestershire Directory]

Tetbury Cottage Hospital, Fox Hill

Tetbury Cottage hospital opened in 1868, and was listed in a contemporary guide as having 3 beds. It was run on voluntary funds and was taken over by the National Health Service in 1948.

The following extracts are from entries in the visitors book - the visitors it would appear were the trustees of the hospital, who would visit the patients and make comments about the state of the building.

6/8/1884 "First patient received after the rebuilding and repairs of the Hospital necessitated by the fire was admitted 16 July viz Leonard Fisher and still remains in the hospital."
28/4/1886 Queried as to whether Eliza Merchant was a "fit patient for the hospital as she appears to be affected in her head and is not amenable to treatment. have suggested that she be moved into the small ward."
"If Mrs Marchant becomes in any way unmanageable Mrs Newcombe should apply to Dr Ashdown to have her removed unless there is any prospect of her improvement. She must be put in small ward" Edmund W Estcourt.
10/1887 man appointed to try to find the cause of the stench from the stack pipe.
11/1887 general tidying up and planting of shrubs to tidy up appearance of the hospital.
21/3/1888 due to the bad state of the drains it was ordered to close the hospital and move patients to temporary accommodation. Mrs Newcombe, and the matron's servant were moved out on 1st March
25/4/1888 the improvement works at the hospital had not been done and the wait was described as 'annoying' by Mr Escourt.
1/6/1892 Jane Mills had been admitted with whooping cough and was to be moved as soon as alternative arrangements could be made, [she should not have been admitted]
5/1893 Mrs Newcombe ill with bad legs and bedridden
28/6/1893 Nurse Bailey from Gloucester Infirmary took charge on Friday last. Mrs Newcombe to go to Weston super Mare to convalesce as soon as she is able to travel.
19/7/1893 Nurse Bailey leaving on 20th.
16/8/1893 Arthur Jones had to be discharged for misconduct having been found entering the women’s ward whilst the superintendent was absent. The windows of the hospital are being made to open properly by Mr Francis Brown.
27/9/1893 Committee room walls painted as room divided and due to be finished soon
13/12/1893 One patient taken to the workhouse this week.
17/1/1894 Nurse Hargreave came to relieve Miss Thorold for a time
21/8/1902 'wonderfully improved and brightened by the work which has recently been done. the wards and other rooms are all in excellent order'
24/9/1903 T H Cardwell thought that when funds were available a stove should be put in the laundry room for the irons and drying
17/3/1904 T Cardwell found that there was still no stove in the laundry
14/1/1906 colouring and whitewashing of the office and other works ordered by the committee had been completed
28/2/1907 everything was found satisfactory under the 'cheery care' of the new matron
30/6/1908 lead on the stairs seemed dangerous, it was worn at the edges.
12/8/1908 matron on holiday and her sister Ethel Keeble in her place
8/1903 leak in the maids room - leakage in the gutter?
1/5/1914 spring cleaning in progress. new linoleum on floors was reported as looking nice.
7/5/1914 E Edwards saw the 'capital new flooring in the wards and felt proud of our local hospital'
18/7/1914 two convalescent patients in the hospital spoke very highly of the institution
10/8/1915 noted that the linen required replenishing especially sheets and pillow cases. flower garden was looking rather neglected.
5/11/1915 bathroom ceiling needed whitewashing
20/5/1916 outside lavatory not yet completed
7/9/1916 one loose tile on front of roof requires attention
23/3/1917 floor of kitchen in very bad state and needs recementing in several places and a new rug. The water pipe in the outside WC has burst and need attention. this is obviously due to the extraordinary severe weather.
30/3/1917 the dome is in need of a coat of white wash
5/4/1917 the patients bath is unsatisfactory being made of tin which apparently will not retain the enamel. It is hoped that the garden will be planted this year with all kinds of vegetable. The scullery is very dirty but may be owing to damp walls.
17/4/1917 outside WC very defective. will see Holborow & Son about it
5/1917 nurses room damaged, dome needing decorating, signs of damp, general repair needed
6/1917 wards and bathroom need decorating
18/6/1917 painters decorating staircases and passageways
7/1917 looked at mortuary. roof inside needs looking at
6/10/1917 child’s cot is not in good state of repair
20/10/1917 damp in nurses room, linoleum in women’s ward needs adjusting so it lies flat, operating theatre signs of damp on tiles,
24/10/1917 ceilings in the bathroom need whitewashing and the maids room whitewashing and distempering.
31/12/1917 skirting in the nurses bedroom badly in need of repair and has been for at least 12 months and the walls in the maids room require a coat of colour wash
16/4/1918 windows in the wards open badly, in one case the sash line is broken and there is great need for better ventilation, this is especially necessary in the main ward as all the beds are full.
24/4/1918 16 patients including 2 officers
5/4/1923 1000 left to the Hospital by Charles Henry Banks of Greystone Cottage, Bath Road, Rodborough [The Times 5/4/1923]
8/2/1934 100 left to the Hospital by Mrs Georgina Leworthy Tyler of Tetbury [The Times 8/2/1934]

An extract from the ‘British Journal of Nursing’ issued 9/2/1907:

Tetbury Cottage Hospital. Miss Alice Edith Keeble has been appointed Matron. Miss Keeble received her training at the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary, Wigan, and she has filled various responsible posts in connection with that Hospital since the completion of her training. For the last three years she has been Sister-in-Charge of the Operating Theatre.


Handy book of cottage hospitals; Horace Swete; Published by Hamilton, Adams, 1870


Visitors' book HO 40/50/1 1881-1918


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